Untaming The Dragon

On Guilt and Shame and...how to relate to women

There are many possible reasons for mens´ trouble and confusion when it comes to how to relate to women.

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Yet two of the most impactful factors for insecurity are often overlooked: shame and guilt. Blocking charisma, freezing action, sabotaging courageous steps...

The tragic thing is that male shame and guilt are overlooked not because they would be minor (they are not), but because they are embedded so deeply in every man around that we have just no idea of how a man would approach a woman and the world around without these layers of doubt and hiding.

After years of exploring these dynamics, I came to the conclusion that regarding men approaching women, shame and guilt are THE basic ingredient for trouble.

#UntamingTheDragon is an intense embodied experience for men who are open for

  • claiming full self-responsibility for their sense of freedom and fulfillment regarding women
  • discovering where shame and guilt are subconsciuosly sabotaging their lives
  • practicing a radical and unconventional way of un-learning shame and guilt
  • and finding an easier and more authentic approach to women.
  • Welcome.

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